Saturday, July 4, 2015

What You Don't See

  I was looking at the piles of metal all over my desk and my countertops and my table, and I decided I needed to photograph the stuff and put it away. I usually end up taking pics of my few favorite items and so all the rest of the weird non-trash items and pocket change end up going into jars and boxes and never gets seen. I think you should see it. At least some of it, and this isn't even all of it, but some of it is really beautiful. The brass E was found on the shore, along with other letters and numbers, and probably came off an old boat. There's a magazine with the bullets still inside and a dog taking a dump. I use those old shotgun shell heads to date a potential hunting site, and many of those in the photo date back to the 1800's. The brass belt buckle is colonial era, and the thimble isn't far off. What else? Musket balls, some Civil War insignia on lead, old spoons, knives, jewelry, an antique ASPCA tag from Manhatten, buttons, etc... I'm happy to answer any questions.