Monday, January 20, 2014

January Bottle Dig

  Well, we were blessed and spoiled last week with temperatures reaching into the upper forties and I could not resist the urge to do a little bottle digging at my favorite lunch spot down in Round Pond. There is a picturesque and quiet little cove just down the road from our job site and we eat our King Ro Market sandwiches there while we stare out at the sea or poke around in the mud for clams. Just before winter set in, I was climbing along an old stone wall beneath the trees and noticed a few broken bottles sticking out of the dirt. I moved a few rocks and pulled out a couple of old whiskey bottles, but never really got into it beyond there. So, when I saw the snow disappearing last week I decided to go a bit deeper. It's mid-winter, you know, and my opportunities for treasure hunting of any sort are severely hindered by solidly frozen ground. 
  Anyway, I didn't come up with anything earth shatteringly ancient, but I did find a dozen or so more old whiskey bottles, a few of them with interesting insignias and one green. Here they are, lined up on the tailgate of my truck: