Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Lamp Works

  Found inside the wall of a house under renovation in Rockland.  Actually, the house on Granite Street, where Damon and I tore the chimneys down a month or so ago.  This is a box that once held a small light bulb of the tungsten variety.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Found In Books

  In an attempt to continue posting on this site throughout the winter, when the ground is frozen solid and metal detecting is an impossibility, I have decided to start adding "things found in books".  I sell used and rare books online and often come across interesting items, such as letters, photos, lists, and tickets, like this one:
   I found it while thumbing through an old book about India in Goodwill.  It's about eight inches long and three inches wide.  The passenger obviously traveled to or from Stanford to (or from) North Canaan.  This ticket was probably issued in the late 1800's and the trip probably took a couple of hours, which was sufficient time to settle into a few chapters on the history of India.  I am including a link to an interesting site on the history of The New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Co. :