Sunday, March 29, 2015

First Hunt of the Year

  There is still a foot of damned snow almost everywhere, so the beaches are really the only accessible detecting ground available. I texted my good friend and passionate detectorist, Matt Pollis, this morning and said, "Hey. I can't stand it another minute. I have to get out there. Let's hit Duck Trap beach at low tide." I think he was in his truck and on his way before he finished reading the message.
  Duck Trap has a rich history and I have had some nice finds there in the past--for a beach--most of which can be viewed in past posts on this blog. I have turned up Indian Heads, seated silver dimes, and colonial crotal bells, all in a small stretch of rocky Maine shoreline. It's always been a good hunting spot on those cold winter days when the earth is too frozen to break with a shovel.
  It seems today, however, Mr. Pollis picked the right spot to hunt, as he came up with some interesting coins and relics in the short, cold, and windy time we were there; a Canadian Loonie, a flower shaped Hong Kong 20, a fat little Indian Head, and a handful of awesome brass stonemason's wedges. I only found a wheat penny and a large old lead sinker. Didn't matter a bit to me, as I was just so happy to be out swinging that coil. 

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